MD1-B Handle
(Body/Belt mount for Excalibur and other detectors)


Light and strong

  1. Light and strong
  2. Stress relief tube at rear of handle
  3. Powder coated aluminum
  4. 90 degree cuff (curved cuffs cause your arm to want to walk up and out)
  5. Velcro cuff strap is included
  6. The Carbon Fiber mid tube accepts your standard ¾” lower shaft and has ¼” holes for your spring loaded buttons. This shaft is fastened with a provided stainless screw for the upper end connection for maximum rigidity.
  7. 1 year warranty - We strongly recommend sealing all openings with black electrical tape (supplied) so sand will stay out of the joint.

Our warranty does not cover frozen tubes that were not protected with tape

The upper handle, a Carbon Fiber Mid shaft, a slotted rubber stress relief tube, tie wraps, 1 roll of electrical tape, a set of glove, the cuff’s Velcro strap, screws and a hex wrench.

Fits in your suit case for traveling

Tip: With this or ANY handle, seal the joints with black electrical tape to keep sand out. Once you get sand in you may never get the lower shaft out again!

We will be shipping this handle starting May 7th 2019

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Light and strong
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