Equinox 600/800
Handle upgrade



  • Glides through the water with ease

  • Light, strong and rigid

  • Only about .40 pounds

  • This lower shaft is to be used with our NOX-1 if you want to be able to change over coils fast.

  • This shaft only fits our NOX-1

  • The lower tear drop shaped rubber washers are larger than the original Minelab and will outlast them.

  • You should use your original coil screw and nut but we have included a spare nylon screw and wing nut just in-case.

  • The shaft is 10mm (just over 3/8") Carbon Fiber.

  • A premium roll of black electrical tape is included so you can seal all holes and joints so sand will not enter and freeze up your shaft. You should also tape your wire to the 10mm shaft for even better gliding through the water.

  • 3 year warranty

Included: All items shown in the picture.

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